The Worst Brought Out The Best

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 the United States of America was attacked and just hours after the greatest attack in modern history had occurred Americans came together of all races, religions, and nationalities to honor and help not only those killed during the attack but also the first responders who were still working tirelessly to save any person that might have been alive in the wreckage. That was fifteen years ago this Sunday, September 11. Sixteen years have passed since I learned what true evil was, 16 years have passed since the first attack of the war on terror occurred, and last year for the first time high school freshmen learned about the horrific and historic moment in time as a true historical event that occurred before they were even born. Continue reading “The Worst Brought Out The Best”


Cooking For An Army

I cook for an army. I can’t help it, even when I try to save money and cook smaller meals, I end up cooking twice as much. I like to think it is bred in me, my Granny Thomas always cooked for an army, my mother does too, and here I am carrying on a tradition that’s dying faster than a fish out of water. Continue reading “Cooking For An Army”

Work Ethic


The Florida Power ball is 1.3 billion and its something everybody is talking about. Whether they are talking about how packed the stores are the day of the drawing or daydreaming of what they would do with the winnings, it’s definitely a hot topic. In passing I’ve heard stories of “if I won I’d” be out of debt, buy a house, but the most common is retire or “never work another day in my life”. Which brought me to thinking if I won would I retire? I only found one person, out of more than a dozen, that said they would not retire. What would they do? This local business owner said she would buy the empty buildings downtown and fill them with stores and small town businesses. Only one person in more than of week of discussing the “big dream” said they would continue to work. This started me thinking on a totally different topic…work ethic and where it has gone in the last fifty years. Continue reading “Work Ethic”

And That Is Love…

Jackson Brown, Jr. once said, “Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own”. Valentine’s Day occurred a few months ago and many were excited or depressed as usual. There are those that are excited because it’s the day of “love” and they are going to get flowers, or go on a date, or even get jewelry while others dread the day. This is the day they have to be reminded of what they don’t have, not just single individuals but those who are in a bad relationship or widowed or just lost. Me, well I try to on the love I have with my husband everyday because those are the days that matter. Continue reading “And That Is Love…”

Angels Among Us

I believe angels walk among us, we can’t see them, but if we’re quiet enough and slow down just bit we can feel them. I’m sure many are shaking their heads as they read this thinking, ‘That girl don’t know a thing” as they think of more than a dozen scriptures to prove what I believe wrong. But the thing is, as much as I believe in what the Bible says, I don’t need a book to tell me what I feel, what I’ve experienced, and what I know to be true in my heart. Continue reading “Angels Among Us”

It Starts At Home

It’s that time of year again and it’s one of the best times if you ask me. The flowers are starting to bloom, the sun is shining bright, and the wind is warm enough to enjoy instead of dread. It’s that time of the year when many wake up early to enjoy the morning sunrise on their porch, smell the fresh cut green grass and the night is ended with balls and outs … yep it’s baseball season! What did you think I was going to say Spring? Continue reading “It Starts At Home”

The Things We Cannot Choose

There are things in this life that makes no sense to me. Terrorism, horror movies, and the coyote from Loony Tunes are three things that I’ll never understand. However absurd most seem though, I can usually find a reasoning in some way even if it is a completely absurd way of thinking. I can understand on some level why there is terrorism, horror movies, and the coyote’s obsession with the road runner. However there is one thing I have yet to understand, to be able to grasp as to the reasoning behind it, how it picks its victims and why sometimes it can be defeated while other times it can’t. That thing is disease and whether its something that you’re born with like a Congenital Heart Disease or something that just occurred out of nowhere like so many cancers, I don’t understand it. Continue reading “The Things We Cannot Choose”