Thankful for Water

I saw a post last week on Facebook and it put a lot of things in perspective. It’s Thanksgiving week and everybody is posting about what they are thankful for. Pictures of husbands, jobs, co-workers, family, and children have all graced by screen from friends posting what they are thankful for in November. One of the most quoted verses this month has been “Be thankful for the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things” along with the pictures of their families, jobs, and friends. However another picture came across my screen last week as well and everything seemed a little clearer because families, jobs, and friends those are the big things in life, the little things, those are the things we never notice and this Thanksgiving I am so thankful for them.

The picture, it still haunts my mind. It’s a little boy, no older than four and five, lying in the mud reaching his lips down into the muddy water to drink. On top it says, “Lord if I ever am ungrateful, please forgive me”. Now that puts an American in their spot. We have so much controversy in this country, people ranting, marching, and protesting being American for so many different reasons, because it seems that they do not believe this country is good anymore, and sometimes I agree, but then I think about that picture and realize being an American is one of the little things I am so grateful for.

As an American, you can find clean water just about anywhere and you don’t have walk miles to get muddy water from a river for a drink on a hot day. I am so thankful for clean water. As an American, I get to lay my head down at night, not worrying about the government coming in to kill me or my family for some unknown reason. I do not have to worry about rebels taking control of my town and killing me because I will not join the fight. I am so thankful for the right to choose to fight.

It’s the little things in life. It’s being able to wake in an actual bed, in a home with carpet instead of sand. It’s being able to dress how you choose, even if it’s not appropriate. It’s being able to worship whoever you want whether is God or Donald Duck, as an American your government will not kill you for your beliefs or how you choose to dress. Women are stoned all over the world, everyday still; women in America have the opportunity to become president. I am thankful for that opportunity even if I don’t plan to pursue it.

Sharon Draper said it best when she stated, “Joy comes in sips, not gulps”. In the picture that little boy was finding so much joy in those small sips of dirty water, imagine how much happiness he would find in being able to have a bottle of water! It’s sad and it’s humbling, because as we Americans protest and hate on our country, billions of people pray for the opportunity to come here. Not for the game systems or big houses, not for the malls or theme parks…they just want the water. So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the small things… freedom to dress and speak how I please, the ability to get take a hot shower everyday, but mostly I’m thankful that God blessed me with being an American so I can have a glass of water, and I will never be ungrateful for that again.


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