Only Action Can Change The World

I didn’t march last week. I didn’t protest for the rights of women or scream horrid names at those opposing my views. Instead I donated clothes to a local family in need, I took leftovers from my fridge to a group of men who probably hadn’t had something homemade in years, I held the door for strangers, and even when I didn’t agree with somebody I still smiled and said “yes sir I hear ya on that, but I’ve got to go so have a great day”. I don’t like what the parents do with their free money instead of buying their kids clothes, I hope that one day those men will find their way and a better life, I found it rude when the elderly woman looked at me quizzically somewhat abrasive without a thank you for holding the door for her, and I didn’t agree with one thing that elderly man had to say about life, love, and politics. I didn’t judge those parents though and rant about how they are ruining their lives and their children’s, I didn’t look down on those men who live in a shack in the woods, I didn’t get an attitude or say something rude to the woman, and I didn’t roll my eyes and argue with a man who will never see things from my view. Last week when hate bombarded me from every angle in the news, on the radio, and in life, I chose love and my week and life was better for it. Continue reading “Only Action Can Change The World”