Angels Among Us

I believe angels walk among us, we can’t see them, but if we’re quiet enough and slow down just bit we can feel them. I’m sure many are shaking their heads as they read this thinking, ‘That girl don’t know a thing” as they think of more than a dozen scriptures to prove what I believe wrong. But the thing is, as much as I believe in what the Bible says, I don’t need a book to tell me what I feel, what I’ve experienced, and what I know to be true in my heart.My daddy was the quickest thinker I ever met. His think/reaction time, only a few of even the best first responders hold. While so many have to stop, look, process, think, and then react, my daddy seemed to be able to do it all in one swift motion. I remember, when he was still alive, a car went through his and my mom’s business just outside of town. It hit the building so hard that it went through and cleared a good size hole before it stopped. That night my mom told me she was trying to just figure out what had happened, but my daddy was hollering for someone to call 911, rushing out the door to the car and checking on the two young girls who had crashed into the building. I sometimes think my dad would have been an amazing race car driver because of how fast he could react. I did’t have that quality, I was like my mom, I had to process, think, look around, take in what had just happened, that was until my daddy died.

As a teenager I yearned to see and hear my daddy one more time. For his ghost to just come back and give me all the answers to the questions I couldn’t ask. I would become angry and hateful towards everybody, including my daddy and God, because I just wanted him there. The thing is, he was there, I was just too hurt and angry and looking in all the wrong places for answers to realize he was walking right beside and riding right behind me. The first time I felt my dad, I was riding with my best friend. I had just passed Circle Grill, headed south to Chipley. My best friend was sitting up, sideways in the seat talking to me, neither of us had a seatbelt on. I was coming up on the intersection right after Henry Arnold Ford when an old Ford truck pulled out in front of me. I was in a Camaro, which is made of fiberglass with metal only on the backside, right past the door. At seventeen, my reaction should have been slamming on my brakes, but I didn’t. Instead, I used my right arm to push my best friend back in the seat and I hit my gas as hard as I could swerving the car and my body to the right and by the grace of God, he hit me on the back of my drivers door. The fiberglass door had a hole all the way through it underneath my door handle, but the truck had missed the main part of my car door and me. The chief of police said he didn’t know how I reacted like I did, to know to hit the gas and not the brakes, but I wasn’t driving because for the first time since my daddy died, I truly knew he was still with me.

I’ve been blessed since with very few accidents, none as bad as what the first could of been. But for some reason it’s always when I’m at the verge of getting hurt, that I feel my guardian angel the most. It is at those times that we are most connected and I know what he wants me to do. On the way home for my 30th birthday celebration, I and my friends were riding home, singing 90’s pop songs and enjoying just being alive. We were on a four lane road headed towards Troy, Alabama when a semi came by. I stopped for some reason, almost like hearing a whisper of my name, and noticed the semi was swerving quite a bit. Then I realized the semi was trying to get over into the same lane I was in because he didn’t see me. I didn’t have time to think on how to react, I honked my horn, but the truck kept coming over. Then out of nowhere I just slammed on breaks pushing my car as far right as I could. I could hear my best friend saying, “Sam, you’re about to hit the guard rail!”, as I replied the truck is about to hit us. I could see the truck behind me slamming on brakes as well, as the semi came over into our lane, barely an inch was between us, but we were okay. The truck behind me sped past me getting the semi’s tag number. We pulled over at the very next store where the truck that had been behind me was now parked. An old man got out to “check on us four girls” before looking at me and saying, “Sweetie, I don’t know how you did that, but you just saved all y’alls lives”. I just shrugged him off as well as my friends because I knew I wasn’t driving, my guardian angel was.

I believe angels walk among us. I believe they protect us in so many ways. I believe I can still feel my dad when I’m riding down a dirt road, by myself with the windows down and “Song of the South” playing on the radio. Actually to be honest, sometimes I can see him, riding shotgun right next to me. Yeah if you ask me, angels walk among us and they ride with us, too.


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